Health Essentials for Traveling

Prepare for combat - it’s a germ filled world out there with delicious amazing food and you're about to be in the middle of it. Are you prepared for your next vacation?

Well, maybe you have your clothes and essentials packed but is your body ready?

I have the travel bug, no pun intended. However, traveling comes along with a fair share of unfavorable health scenarios. With that being said, I don’t let these situations get in my way of seeing the world. It is important to know what health concerns may arise when you travel and how you can best prepare your body and your supplement arsenal accordingly.

Too many people, in one space. Enough said! Plane, train, cruise ship, pick your poison! Of course you can control where you are going but no matter where you venture to, you will be surrounded by people and germs. (Let’s try not to think about that part). The important part lies in ensuring you have your immune system well supported for your travels.

For the love of all things holy, SLEEEEPPPP. Yea, sleep. When you travel, there could be time changes, there will be a different mattress, and you will most likely forget your favorite pillow at home.

Without adequate healthful sleep, your body doesn’t function ideally which can lead to cravings for foods that provide quick energy – the kind that are not so great for the waistline. But sleeping is also essential to enjoy your vacation; if you are jet lagged for most of it, it can be a nightmare and you return more exhausted then when you left. Ain't nobody got time for that.

SO, what MANY essentials do I pack when traveling?

  1. PROBIOTICS. Keep the tummy on track! Your bacterial balance in the gut is essential to supporting immune function; and when you travel you typically have a change in diet, and are surrounded by tons of strangers in confined spaces. I already take probiotics at home but it is equally important to start before you leave and continue your daily probiotic routine on your journey!
  2. VITAMINS. I usually bring an Immune Formulary with me, in case I feel something coming on. I start this routine immediately. My go-to formula contains a blend of vitamins and minerals (Don’t forget the ZINC)! These vitamins and minerals are combined with Echinacea, astragalus and goldenseal to support your body’s ability to naturally defend itself. As well as a comprehensive mushroom blend to support the cells of the immune system.
  3. MELATONIN. Last but not least an easy to dissolve under the tongue (Sublingual) mini tablet of melatonin. If I am going to a different time zone, I start this before I leave. I start it to get a leg up on adjusting my sleep clock closer to where I am going. Although many people find Melatonin (the sleep hormone we naturally produce in our bodies) to be supportive of overall sleep health and quality, I use it to help me adjust my sleep clock to a new time zone.

Here’s to healthier and MUCH happier travels!



healthJaime Mass