The Underlying Cause of Almost All Age Related Disease

What is silent inflammation….and is it the cause of almost all age related disease?

First off, I inserted the word ALMOST into this sentence because I personally don’t like ABSOLUTES. Especially when it comes to science; however if you ask my colleagues - other dietitian nutritionists, naturopathic doctors, MD’s, RN’s -  they probably would agree that inflammation is in fact part of the underlying cause of all age related disease, including varied cancers, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, major cardiovascular events, stroke... Give me a soap box and I will keep on listing the horrific things it can lead to.

SO, then what is silent inflammation, how WILL it affect you? AND what can you do about it?

What if I told you that EVERYONE, including myself and your BFF who thinks she is the healthiest thing since kale ALL have a LOW grade of inflammation that hovers around our body? Well we do. It's true.

We have inflammatory factors floating around our body wreaking havoc wherever they can. This low grade “Silent Inflammation” can change your cells and can cause problems for a long time before any symptoms or diagnosis/disease occurs. This type of low grade inflammation can be worse in someone who eats poorly, eats highly processed foods CONSISTANTLY, has a diet low in antioxidants, has low levels of omegas in the blood, has high stress, and doesn’t sleep well.

This low grade inflammation in the body may be better controlled in an individual who maintains a healthy body weight, eats antioxidant rich foods, healthy diet, has an optimal vitamin D status, optimal intake of omega 3’s, stays active, and has healthy sleeping patterns.

Let me be clear, there is also a good kind of inflammation informally known as “regular inflammation” - this is the kind that we NEED when we hit our elbow and scream, the skin that gets red and inflamed - this is protective inflammation. However, not all inflammation is protective or a healthy response to injury.

Eating well and taking care of your body isn’t ONLY about your weight, it's about LIVING. It's about living a full life that even though it may not be FREE of disease, it's full of you still living well and doing your best to avoid other diseases while actively working on healthy aging & your best PERSONAL health.

So start the conversation, begin by talking to your doctor, by getting your Vitamin D tested, by discussing your health. Call your Dietitian Nutritionist (or me) to streamline your supplement routine and your diet so you are taking what you NEED while solidifying that it is tailored to you and your blood work! This is where it starts!

Healthfully Yours,