Cheers! Stay Healthy for Beer Season


It’s FALL! The season with the best clothing and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, but it also brings out some not so nutritious food options. The Fall time is a time to remain mindful and be aware of what is going on around us in the world of food and nutrition.

Our clothing starts to cover more and some of the pumpkin spice goodies can be tempting for a lot of people. The clothing scenario is a dangerous one, it is really easy to overdo it when your covered in the cutest long sweater and scarf. If comfortable had a season it would probably be Winter but Fall is where damage starts to happen. By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, many of us throw our hands in the air and say well, I will fix it in the New Year.

Bad idea!!

Don’t be a victim of the Winter months when it comes to nutrition! Be the person that takes steps to keep it healthy, so when The New Year rolls around you are already on your healthy journey and moving right along! Sure there will bumps along the way, but what journey doesn’t?

The food insanity during the Fall months doesn’t stop at pumpkin spice drinks, donuts, cakes & pastry. Don’t forget the amazing Oktoberfest that brings fabulous festivities and also tons of beer-based events.

All of this food and drink can take a toll on your body and your life. Remember that everything we do and eat is our own bodies responsibility to “take care of”. That means every beer, ever over the top festival food, and those Hot Toddy’s (guilty as charged) need to be metabolized & processed by your systems.

I know; you kind of feel bad for your liver because it has to process all of the greasy foods and indulgences and alcoholic beverages. Also, if you’re overweight it is even more difficult for your body to take of these things and it can be seriously taxing. Not only to your liver but you might notice your tummy has taken a turn for the not so great.

So make sure to be mindful, treat your system to a little TLC. Take good care of your body: your digestion (your tummy) and detoxification processes by eating fermented foods, drinking plenty of water, perhaps enjoy some hot ginger tea, consider starting a probiotic routine, and giving back to your liver with nutrients like Milk thistle, N-Acetyl Cysteine & Calcium D-Glucarate.*

We sometimes forget that our food, drink and environment is taxing on our system. Our body doesn’t let us know, it simply takes care of it. However, years of abuse can be a serious concern. If the evening VINO, Beer Festivals, or heavy indulgences are starting to occur more; it might make sense to take nutrients that can support your body’s actual NATURAL detoxification process. *  I am not suggesting an aggressive cleanse, rather taking nutrients that support your bodies already amazing abilities with a liver health supportive supplement

Cheers to a beautiful healthy Fall season!


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