Halloween-Healthy Party Tips and Tricks


Any excuse to dress up and enjoy a party, sign me up! Halloween included!

Halloween is only ONE day of the year, but unlike New Year’s let’s say, which is truly just 24 hours of potentially subpar choices… Halloween has more in common with Thanksgiving… because it is an unhealthy holiday that keeps on giving well after it is actually over!

Halloween has the potential to stick around because we are either throwing a party that involves candy and lots of treats OR we are buying candy to hand out to others. A healthy balanced Halloween celebration means being prepared, doing damage control, and having a few healthy tricks up your sleeve.

As always don’t show up to a Halloween bash hungry! It is a recipe for disaster. Most Halloween parties are not sit-down dinners, so do yourself a decent and enjoy a small healthy meal before leaving the house or if you prefer, have a small balanced snack.

A protein bar, nuts and fresh berries, a protein smoothie, chicken lettuce wraps, low carb wrap with almond butter rolled up! Pick your poison and pair it with a tall glass of water to stay hydrated.

If you are throwing a party yourself or attending one, being a guest that brings along food is not only nice but also a form of being prepared and setting yourself up for success.

You can still be festive and make healthy choices!

  • Guacamole and carrot sticks
  • Classic crudité (go out and buy a few little Halloween spiders - wash them, and put them around the platter).
  • Mix pumpkin puree with Greek yogurt, cinnamon and nutmeg to taste, and use this as a fruit dip (if using regular yogurt, consider adding vanilla whey protein powder to the dip to kick up the protein)
  • Use delicious fall spiced teas for a refreshing and healthy beverage (iced or hot)

If you haven’t purchased Halloween candy yet for handing out - try to purchase candy you don’t like! I know it sounds strange… but it works; and why put yourself in a situation where there is left over candy you LOVE.

I prefer chocolate to gummy worms or lollipops any day… so buying chocolate goodies to hand out to others would be setting myself up for failure. I would end up eating chocolate while handing it out and then continue to snack on it after Halloween! Make the smart move and opt for candy that doesn’t strike your fancy.

Oh, and don’t deprive yourself entirely! As always, balance wins when it comes to nutrition. If you LOVE a special treat you know will be at a party or in the candy dish at work, set a time and a portion that seems reasonable AND enjoy it!