Tis' The Season For A Holiday Bundle!

Tis the Season for a Holiday Bundle!

Happy ALMOST start to the holiday season! Halloween has passed and hopefully all of the candy has left the building. If it hasn’t, here's your personal nudge to ditch it! Go on… throw it away or give it away… just get it out of the house. 

The major holiday players are around the corner and although many people wait until the New Year to get started on their health journey, if you make even small changes RIGHT NOW you can make an enormous difference in your health as you approach the New Year. Right now couldn’t be more important to your overall health. 

The New Year is right around the corner (I know, scary) but please don’t sit around and wait for 2018 to roll in with the motivation! 

The time between Halloween & Thanksgiving and then Thanksgiving to Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa then that REALLY special week of leftovers until New Years are pivotal times! A lot of damage or a lot of good can be done during these weeks. Many people throw their hands in the air during this time thinking there is nothing they can do; they might as well wait for the New Year at this point. This could not be further from the truth!  

That type of mindset can create a dangerous 8 weeks of weight gain, anywhere from let’s say a conservative 8lbs to an indulgent 24lbs… That’s only 1-3lbs of weight gain a week. That type of negative mindset can also tax the liver during the holidays, wreaking gastrointestinal havoc from stress, varied foods, and perhaps overeating.  

Instead of all that negativity, what about losing a few pounds? Getting a headstart? Managing your holiday stress with a plan of action? Or, by simply supporting your digestive health throughout the holiday season!  

I say try something different this year. Make an early change; commit to taking care of your body during the holidays. Use these 8 weeks for positive small changes and self-care, and you can arrive to 2018 ahead of the game.  

We put together a special bundle to get through the holidays and give you well-rounded support of your health at a discounted price that is appropriate for the season!* 

We have combined our JMN Clean Slate, No Worries, & Belly Balance – our go-to holiday health bundle to cover all of your bases! Here's what this bundle provide for you on a daily basis:

  • 1-2 capsules daily of Clean Slate, depending on your indulgence that day regarding alcoholic beverages and heavy processed foods.  
  • 1 capsule (as needed) of No Worries for when the family or holiday stress strikes! Lots of zen without drowsiness, so you can power through your holiday plans.  And last but certainly not least... 
  • 1 capsule of our Belly Balance, a specially formulated probiotic to support your digestive health during the time of year when your tummy needs a lot more love! 

Cheers to your healthiest holiday season yet! 

Healthfully yours,