National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day - Jaime Mass Nutritionals

You might be thinking: what do your stress levels have to do with your nutritional health?  

Well, a lot. More than you think, and in many times, it could be the sole contributing factor standing between you and your health goals.  

I know, scary… but hear me out! 

Unfortunately, stress has become an accepted part of our everyday lives. The stress doesn’t stop and it ultimately taxes your system in ways you can’t see. 

Your body does it’s best to keep you in balance by releasing hormones, and responding to certain triggers. However, the body is not meant to be counteracting the extreme levels of stress we encounter daily. Let alone over months, years or perhaps even decades. Think about the last time you really felt calm without stress for longer than a week?  

It’s ok not to have it all figured out but whatever you do; DON’T ignore the stress! Ignoring stress can impact other areas of your health.  

Stress can become a chronic problem. Short and long-term stress are BOTH problematic and can cause sleep disturbances, mood swings, appetite dysregulation, poor blood sugar control, weight loss/weight gain, stomach concerns, skin issues, and silent inflammation (just to name a few). I know! As if the stress alone wasn’t enough… it needs to bring all of these things along for the ride (eye roll).  

The issue with chronic stress is the serious toll it takes on your body over time. Your adrenal glands located right above your kidneys may be small but they are mighty! They do their best; and they are resilient for some time. Overtime though, chronic stress will tax your adrenals and varying levels of adrenal fatigue can occur (this can lead to many of the issues noted above short or long term- we are each different). *

Here are a few of my must haves when it comes to supporting a healthy stress response and stress management!  


And a moment to myself. I know it seems small but it makes all of the difference. I love a quiet moment, my cup of tea, feet up and no outside noise. Hot beverages are soothing and it is a healthy activity that helps me unwind. 


No Worries is a small but powerful supplement. It is my go-to on stressful days when I need to unwind and find zen, but without any feeling of drowsiness. The natural extract L-Theanine from green tea leaves is studied in supporting feelings of calmness but may also support your ability to focus (bonus points)! Which is PERFECTION for me when I have a busy day at work. Calm + plus focus = winning!  

One cap of No Worries does the job for me- I am not only bringing on the calm but I know I am also supporting my adrenal glands – which can help to maintain healthy cortisol levels and therefore weight control. * 


Even if I can’t make it to a formal class, practicing poses and breathing techniques (off of youtube or one of my favorite Women’s health articles) helps me feel like I am doing something amazing for my mind and my body.  

 Remind yourself it is okay to have day to day stressors; I work with a lot of people and I can confidently say, NO ONE has it ALL figured out!  

If you think you need a helping hand you might consider looking into working with a therapist for more professional support.  

Whatever you choose to do, don’t ignore it! Your mental health makes up a large part of your overall health and it should remain a priority!

Healthfully yours, 

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