Helpful Hints for Bouncing Back Before the Ball Drops

Post holiday nutrition rehab: why your body might still be struggling!

Post holiday nutrition rehab: why your body might still be struggling!

November and December are beautiful months in so many ways, but every year they bring with their beauty just a little bit of bulge. Even though we are past holiday indulgences, there are many people who still find themselves not feeling quite themselves.  

This time of year it is common to hear concerns including: bloating, frustration, lethargy, digestion issues (and more). You are not alone!

Many individuals - even those who consider themselves to be well-balanced & fairly healthy - can be victim to overeating, overdrinking and having an amazing time over the holidays. That’s life! 

Below I’ve listed some key things to consider to get your body back to feeling yourself! 

  • Increase the antioxidant intake! Increase the veggies, bright colored produce, ya know… hang out a little longer in the fruit and veg section!  
  • Consider taking a shot - and not of tequila. A really yummy ginger shot, with a hint of lemon is one of my favorites. It can be spicy, so sip it slowly! Enjoy the flavor and the anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as the added help in digestion & immune support!  
  • Start implementing daily probiotics - whether it’s from fermented foods such as kefir or a high quality supplement. Your system takes a toll when you are under stress, overwhelming it with toxins, excess heavy food or alcohol. Perhaps you were even sick and needed a round of antibiotics. All of these situations can compromise the bacterial balance in your gut, and that can affect your immune system, energy, and digestive health. 
  • Try incorporating a veggie based juice- Make sure your daily juice is not a heavy fruit based juice. These can pack a lot of sugar and carbs; rather try a green-based juice that maybe has a 1/4 of an apple for sweetness or a dash of honey! 
  • Treat yourself kindly when it comes to food and your nutrition changes: Ask yourself, “Has this approach landed me feeling great, or like a disaster?” Try investing in smaller steps over time, as a more kind and effective way to approach for your lifestyle and long term health goals.  
  • Give your liver a little bit of love! Your liver does an outstanding job on its own as a major detoxifying and cleansing organ. If you treat your body well, the liver doesn't need much extra love. In fact, you should thank your liver for getting you through the holidays.
  • Try to assess if you overdo it when it comes to your liver health. Are you giving your liver more than it can handle? If you think you’ve overdone it during the holiday season, you might consider cutting back or eliminating alcohol consumption for a period of time to give your liver a chance to recoup. You may also consider supplementing with one of my favorite herbs Milk Thistle; studied in antioxidant defense, toxin excretion, and healthy liver cell processes.  
  • SLEEEEEP. If you are not sleeping well, your metabolic health will take a hit! Not to mention those carb cravings! Been there? Quality sleep is essential to pair with a healthy diet.  

Pick and choose based on YOU!