Self Love

Treat yo self with some self love this Valentine’s Day.

The mind+body connection is real and whether it is life or nutritional goals, the MIND is a powerful tool.

I often find myself speaking with my clients about being kind to themselves. When it comes to food and your body, how do you speak to yourself?

Working on finding balance and treating yourself with love and respect is a learning process. It takes time, you will get better at it and it can profoundly change your relationship with your body and food. Personally, I have been working on it for years and it’s a journey all on its own. 

Sometimes the mind is so powerful, and the problems with food so deep that it is not something to be addressed with a dietitian but more appropriate for therapy; and sometimes people choose both. However, many times it is simply our own voice being horribly mean to ourselves about our food choices and our bodies and it needs to stop.

Most of my clients are very busy people. They own companies, have 12-14 hour work days, they are medical professionals, attorneys, night-shift workers, professors, designers, or have 5 to 6 children. That’s basically raising a soccer team! My clients are you, and you deserve more than just a little credit. Yet just like you they sometimes can’t see their success in their nutrition journey.  My clients get upset with themselves because their week wasn’t “perfect”. May I remind you that there is NO SUCH THING as perfect eating.

This week is New York Fashion week, and a handful of my clients are involved in this insanity on different levels. It just so happens to be one of the most hectic times of the year for them (for now). As I spoke to these clients, I realized it is no different than those “INSANE WEEKS” we all have.Almost all of my clients live with this level of insanity in some capacity. THIS IS LIFE. It is a series of late nights, hard work, dinner parties or social gatherings that you may or may not want to attend, business trips, vacations for fun, no vacations at all, baseball games, early mornings, no sleep, and STRESSSSSS. The list goes on!

So, let’s just step back for a second and look at our lives. Let’s together recognize the level of insanity and stop being so cruel to our own bodies. Whether you want to reach optimal health, run a marathon, improve your blood sugar numbers, or lose weight-it does not require beating yourself up. It does require self love and learning about balance.

BALANCE is a dreamy space between being a hella boss lady 13 hours a day and your inner desire to find some Zen. It’s having salads and veggies, but also recognizing that you love dessert or French fries. There is a world where people exercise and still each chocolate, eat a cookie for a snack and still lose weight! This dreamy place exists, and it is called finding balance.

Many times people spend so much time beating themselves up it is absolutely counterproductive and damaging to reaching any goal. There is no food that warrants self-destruction and verbally abusing yourself.  

THE MOMENT, you hear yourself going there. Saying something not nice about your body, about your food choices and about YOU- turn it around. Create a positive.  

“Ugh I am gross[Symbol] NO, I am beautiful and strong… and I will reach my goals” 

TURN IT RIGHT AROUND, every single time!

I KNOW, it sounds silly and sometimes people don’t believe what they are saying. That is the problem though. I promise you that 1 meal is not going to ruin your journey. What creates failure is believing that you are a failure because of that 1 meal. Throwing your hands up in the air and saying FORGET IT. Do not give in so easy. You need to be persistent and stubborn. Don’t take no for an answer, and be kind to yourself. There will be peaks and valleys and it will be a bumpy road but you will get there!

Cheers to finding your dreamy place… that special balance hidden somewhere between what you believe is perfection and complete indulgence. BALANCE!