It's Okay to WINE... And Talk About Heart Health!

National Drink Wine Day

Its National wine day, so cheers to that!

More importantly it’s February and that means it is also American heart month. Heart disease is a serious problem in our country and it is often over looked, especially in women. Even though heart disease is the #1 killer of women! The American Heart Association GO RED for women campaign has made enormous progress in speaking out and breaking the silence about heart disease.

WHAT do you do to prevent heart disease and HOW can you be proactive about your cardiovascular health?

There are some things in life we can’t control, bad news for us TYPE A’s out there... Yea, hi. When it comes to your health and heart disease it is no different.

You might not be able to control your family genetics, BUT there are many things you can control. Here are the major players that put you at increased risk for cardiovascular disease

  • Your weight (being overweight or obese increases risk for heart disease, it also puts you at higher risk to develop OTHER risk factors)
  • Smoking
  • Cholesterol levels, ratio, and cholesterol particle size
  • Blood pressure control
  • Whether you are physically active
  • Uncontrolled blood sugar or diabetes

These things can be controlled with nutrition, lifestyle modification, and supplementation (if appropriate).

First thing is making an appointment with both your Doctor and your Dietitian. You should know your own numbers AND know what they mean (see my blog on being your own health advocate). You can also check out our service called BLOODWORK BREAKDOWN. It is the first step to KNOW your numbers, but the most important part is UNDERSTANDING them, so you can take action.

Nutrition can support 4 out of the 6 factors above. Nutrition is not just about your weight. It is about so much more. Nutrition is your way to prevent, combat, and to do your part at getting in the way of disease development and progression! If you want to get started with the basics and give back to your heart, here are my Top 2 supplement Picks for overall Cardiovascular Health:

1. Fish oil or Algae oil... (Potent fish oil with EPA and DHA) is studied in decreasing inflammation, supporting healthy blood pressure, triglyceride levels. There are studies that suggest fish oil may help to keep your LDL (bad cholesterol particles) FLUFFY, this is the only thing we want fluffy in life. Large fluffy LDL just bounce about their way; small dense cholesterol particles can cause trouble in the arterial wall. (This is just heart health, not even touching on the science for the rest of the body)! In vegans and vegetarians, the use of Algae oil providing DHA has shown to have great absorption and improved DHA levels in the blood (studied in cardiovascular health and healthy inflammatory response)

2. CoQ10 is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the body, as we age our Coq10 levels start to decline (like many things). Maintaining optimal CoQ10 levels are important because CoQ10 is involved in cellular health, cell energy product, it acts as an antioxidant keeping LDL from oxidation (which makes LDL more dangerous in system). It is also suggested in the literature that CoQ10 is supportive of healthy blood circulation and supports the healthy function of our heart tissue (muscle). Make sure to look for CoQ10 in the form of UBIQUINOL, this is the active form of CoQ10.

There are a multitude of other supportive supplements on the market, as well as dietary modifications and lifestyle changes to support your cardiovascular health. If you have any questions about lifestyle, nutrition modification or supplements please feel free to email me at or call me at 754-223-1103

Happy Heart Month! Oh, and a grab a glass of red vino (moderation is key for potential benefits) for National Wine Day, to provide some polyphenols! There are several constituents in wine but Polyphenols (several in red wine) are suggested to support health, via antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Want to get more scientific about Red Wine? Check out this literature review that gives all the details.