The Everyday Detox

The Everyday Detox -- Jaime Mass Nutritionals

It’s National Margarita Day and if that isn’t a reason to celebrate I don’t know what is!

As delish as they are, margaritas can also pack a lot of calories, carbs and sodium... Not to worry, I will redeem myself.

You can also turn a regular margarita that usually weighs in at 500-600+ calories and slim it down to 150 calories with a few simple swaps and requests!

A regular margarita’s down fall is in the sugary and carb heavy margarita mix that is used as the base.

When you order a skinny margarita, you will be removing that mix, clearing hundreds of calories, and bringing down the carbs and sugar. Instead of sugar based mixes a skinny version uses fresh lime juice, and some restaurants might put club soda in place. To cut the bite a small amount of agave nectar may be used or fresh orange juice in place of orange liquor. Consider ditching the salt or asking for only half of the glass to have salt on the rim.

Regardless of whether or not you are celebrating Margarita day, to support your everyday health be sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!

On the flip side of discussing alcohol, (shifting gears here) we often read a lot about detoxes and cleanses.

I am a fan of supporting your body’s natural detoxification processes by providing it with clean healthy energy. You don’t need to consume ALL liquid juices to be supporting and cleansing the system on the daily!

1. Start your meals and snacks with veggies as your base. It doesn’t get better than this for your system. Keep the antioxidant levels high to fight off free radicals in the system and keep yourself healthy from the inside out.

2. Keep it organic (when you can)! By keeping your food choices organic you are eliminating potential burdens on the system that might be found in their counterparts.

3. Fresh and less processed foods are easier on the system... Try to focus on less processed foods when you can.

4. When it isn’t National Margarita Day, you can consider cutting out or cutting back on alcohol. Cutting back does the body good too! Less burden on your major detoxifying organ, the liver!

5. Focus on minimizing stress and implementing activities that can cut down the stress, yoga, meditation or a 5-minute walk during your lunch break. Find what works for you, stress is a difficult one but it does affect your system. High stress can impact hormones, and can interfere with your metabolic response and digestion. It is very important to work on managing your stress to support healthy detoxification (I am always working on this one too)! Sometimes we can’t eliminate stress but we CAN control how we respond.

6. Sweat it out... Find something you enjoy, stay active and sweat it out. Sweat and then rehydrate the body with water.

7. Milk Thistle to support liver health (I love it)! Milk thistle is an herb that that contains an active component known as Silymarin. Silymarin is one of the active extracts known to support overall liver health and the function of the cells within the liver. Milk thistle supports antioxidant defense at the liver, may support liver cellular growth, and healthy inflammatory response from toxins that tax the liver!

8. You don’t need juice as every meal and in fact fruit juices are loaded with sugar and carbs; however antioxidant shots (such as ginger and turmeric, which are my faves) are outstanding to provide the body with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish your inside! You can implement a GREEN BASED or a veggie based juice each day, or every other day. Especially if you don’t get those veggies into the diet as noted in numero uno! Check to make sure it is mainly greens and only small amount of fruit is being used for taste.