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Travel; I simply love traveling but when you are on a journey towards the healthiest you yet; travel can seem like an interruption in your health journey.

Since travel=life .. for me and so many of us in the JMN family as globe trotters. I have put together some travel hacks to keep you on track and seeing the world without having to feel like you are on hiatus from your health.

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1. Find the healthy. Seek it out! If you feel like there will be no good choices, then you will be correct and there will be no healthy choices. As humans our minds are powerful and we will unintentionally ignore the healthy options because you have already set your mind on the fact that this vacation is a loss in the health department. This couldn’t be further from the truth. ANY vacation can stay slender if your mind is in the right place and you are prepared. SO FIRST thing... Keep your eyes peeled on the menu for lean proteins and fresh veggie sides. Some cultures don’t put veggies in the main dish but will have them on the side. Some cultures it is served as an appetizer but not as a main. Seekout the healthy first!

2. Go prepared! We have all been in an airport that isn’t here with us in this century. They have chocolate, chewing gum and soda. PROBLEM! Solution? Bring the healthy to the airport. When I travel, I bring the essentials with me for the airport and beyond. Travel snacks just in case; and it pays off!

a. Portable peanut or almond butter individual packs (you can buy this pre-packed and ready to go)

b. Fruits that are travel friendly like apples, pears, or clementines (1 or 2 is great, and will get you through the first airport travel if needed... If not, great to have on hand during your trip). If you see fruit while you are away, buy some and bring it back to your hotel for your leg back or for an unexpected hungry moment while sightseeing.

c. Protein Powder... Bring some in a twist to seal container and throw it in the carry on! Mix it into oatmeal or with water for a quick and healthy pick me up!

d. Nuts, I like to travel with almonds or walnuts that are pre-portioned. (You can pair this with a piece a fruit for a healthy mini-meal).

e. Bars; whether you are into a basic few ingredient bar made from dates and nuts or if you love protein bars. BOTH work and both are in my TOP travel hack suggestions! Bars are easy to travel with, hold you over when you encounter unexpected situations and can even be a sweet treat to look forward to a few nights instead of dessert.

3. Scope out the situation. Regardless of where you are headed... The internet is your friend. Scope out some restaurants that have healthy options, maybe farm to table eats, or a hotel that provides fruits or a grab and go station. Also, when you research in advance you can find top rated places or hidden gems that help feed that inner foodie!

Cheers to healthy travel and delicious food, wherever your travel takes you!