Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! Regardless of whether you love football or just hit up the parties for some good company and laughs, this day usually equals heavy foods, chips, beer, potato skins, chicken tenders, nachos, maybe some burgers and did I mention chips?  

What’s the deal with the chips, anyways? I guess it’s smart from a food safety perspective……worst that can happen is they get soggy or stale. 1 point for the chips. 

For the football players it might be a sprint to the next ten yard line (thank you NFL.COM) but if you're watching the game it’s a whole day shindig and that means this day needs some planning. Don't worry, we got you!

Pace yourself, this is a day to listen to your body.  

When you’re surrounded by food like you are on Super Bowl Sunday take a moment before you grab that extra handful of whatever and ask yourself.. am I really hungry? Do I want these? and if you do that’s OK, have a few but enjoy them and make a realistic commitment to yourself BEFORE you arrive (that’s part of the plan). For example, “I think it is realistic to have only 2 handfuls of chips today” or “every year I mindlessly eat chips and I don't even like chips, I’m going to steer clear of chips this year and swap those calories for something I really enjoy” (like a drink!)

Veggies and protein first!  

For all the chips present - these parties also have their protein game on point, so don't forget it! Enjoy veggies and proteins first; Incorporating protein throughout this long day can help you stay fuller longer and control blood sugar ups and downs. This means better-controlled cravings and you’re less likely to plant face first in the nachos.

If they are serving burgers, go for it … leave the bun and pair your burger with guac, cheese, and some veggies on the side - same deal applies with grilled chicken and baked chicken wings (go for it). 

If there’s a cheese plate, or a variant of nuts available, these are your friends! Having a little bit of salad, grilled vegetables, and a couple pieces of cheese OR a small handful of nuts can be one of your mini meals, that gets you through the day without feeling deprived.

And MOST importantly, with any party, if it isn't at your house … BRING the healthy with you! No more excuses about not having healthy options. You’ll score big point by bringing a veggie platter, chicken satay, hummus, guac, a chopped salad, baked chicken wings or your favorite light beer. When you bring healthy foods that you enjoy, you increase your chances of success and you also will be helping other people too! 

O, and don’t forget to stay hydrated! This is one of my common mistakes. We often mistake our thirst for hunger and that leads to eating extra calories you didn't even really want. Drink your water first and make sure you are hydrated before hitting the eats.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!