Keep Calm & Eat A Bagel

February 9th, and that means its National Bagel Day! As a Native NY’er with an accent that won’t quit (because I won’t allow it), JMN was excited to feature this day on the blog! 

Apparently National Bagel Day USED to be, National Bagel and LOX day! 

If anyone in the JMN family knows who’s responsible for the removal of the lox please email me at We need to have a word. 

Despite the Lox removal tragedy, this day is still fabulous because it features a NY girls fave, BAGELS! Equal with bagels in the NY food hierarchy is of course Pizza and fabulous Chinese food.  

Funny enough, unless I am sitting at Gold & Meyer’s or Bagel Boss … you likely won’t see me chowing on a bagel. Same goes for Florida pizza, no thanks. It just isn’t the same...and since I spend calories more conservatively than money I would rather spend them on frosting. We can discuss that on cupcake day! 

BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t love a bagel spread or even a pizza replacement. Since I am not going to eat subpar of either let’s discuss some healthier alternatives! 

DISCLAIMER: These are by no means trying to taste like NY, but it might help get you through the day. Given that bagels can seriously pack the carbs and calories, this info might motivate you try some swaps here and there. An average bagel depending on your eatery can range from containing 53-69g of carbohydrate… that equals more than eating 4 slices of bread….and the average bagel hovers around 300-350 calories and can go higher. Yea.. I know.. I’m sorry. BUT don’t lose hope LOOK BELOW: 

  1. If you don’t want to give up your ACTUAL BAGEL I understand. Try scooping out the regular size bagel and cut the carbs a bit but not the flavor. Or, even better - upgrade your choice to a MINI Bagel. If you switch from a regular bagel to a mini bagel you can save anywhere from 150-200 calories a day. Over the course of a year that could equal a 15-20lbs weight loss! #tradingtips mini bagel for the win!

  2. 100% Whole Wheat English Muffins- I know it doesn’t resemble a bagel AT ALL… but I personally love whole grain flat bread type crackers when it comes to picking a vehicle for my toppings. They can handle the cream cheese and lox game on top and slash the carbs and calories! This whole grain light rye fit the bill. 

  3. On the pizza front I love using La Tortilla Factory Original Size Whole Wheat low carb tortillas, as a base. With only 11g of Carb that is less than 1 slice of bread and 5 grams of protein to boot! You can add whatever sauce you love. Pesto fan right here, grilled veggies and cheese! A personal favorite swap! 

  4. TOPPINGS: For bagels (and pizza alike) it’s all about the delish toppings! For bagel toppings, I love mixing nut butters with JMN protein powders to create a high protein spread, regular peanut butter or almond butter is always a win, avocado and hummus with egg whites is another favorite over a bagel alternative and of course nova (LOX please)! I do love cream cheese and I don’t see a problem with real butter, if it is portion controlled. For a higher protein alternative, I love goat cheese or even better a whipped cottage cheese as the base, with nova and sliced cucumber or tomato!  

Happy Bagel Day!