Why Are You Going Gluten Free?

Why Are You Going Gluten Free?

Why are you going gluten free?

  • It’s become a popular trend, yes.
  • It appears Gluten is also found in foods we might associate as well, not the healthiest (breads, crackers, bagels, baked goods etc)
  • You gave up those foods and felt less bloated or dropped a couple of lbs

Yes to any of the above?

Maybe you’re not sure why you went gluten free? That’s alright too.

Celiac disease is a serious immune concern that warrants the removal of gluten from the diet. However, gluten is this amazing little protein that makes our food yummy and chewy and delish and although it is found in a lot of processed foods cutting out gluten is confusing and can cause a more unhealthy situation.

1. If you have unresolved tummy concerns a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist would be more than willing to help you get to the bottom of it. I work alongside my clients Gastroenterologists to optimize outcome and comfort. WARNING: if you cut out gluten and then go to the doctor to get tested for celiac or related antibodies it likely won’t show up as positive.

TAKE AWAY MESSAGE: TAKE ACTION, but do it with a professional! We look at your entire life picture and help you adjust your intake to support your health whether it is a tummy concern or weight control. If you have stomach concerns it is likely more complex than removing gluten; and what if you don’t have to remove it? Why create deprivation?

2. Weight loss? That weight loss that happened probably creeped back just like it did when Atkins was popular. Why? Because you essentially cut out carbs… carbohydrates are stored in body in the form of glycogen and when they get stored away in the muscle and liver they are stored away WITH water too! So when we cut carbs we cut water weight also. It comes back as soon as you consume those carbs again. So you might be thinking it is gluten removal helping you to shed some pounds..  but it isn’t.

TAKE AWAY MESSAGE: Cutting out food groups is aggressive and unnecessary. It usually leads to unhealthy binge eating behaviors and weight gain, not to mention the self-loathing. I am a big fan of controlling carbohydrate intake, but not cutting it out completely.

3. If you are trying to figure out the root of your new-found fatigue and dry skin. Maybe you heard rave reviews about cutting gluten. I get it. I actually agree that nutrition is likely playing a role. Changing your nutrition for the better will still help in reducing inflammation and nourishing your body. The best way to help figure out what is going on is getting to the root cause. Let’s talk to your doctor, take a look at your labs together and review how they are impacted by your nutrition.

TAKE AWAY MESSAGE: Look at your nutrition with your blood labs, and your symptoms. You are a lot more than 1 food constituent and you should be treated as such. It is very possible Gluten might be an issue for you but it is also possible you are covering a bigger problem with a band-aid.

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