Trust Your Gut! The Importance of Gut Health

Trust Your Gut! The Importance of Gut Health - Jaime Mass Nutritionals

Trusting your gut means so many things! It applies to life and health. Sometimes we get gut feelings and we brush them off (always regret that) as if our bodies are not in tune with our minds; but they are! In fact, I can't tell you how many times I have ignored my gut instinct only to land me in an unfavorable position. This applies to relationships, business, friendships, people you meet in daily life, a risk or an opportunity and most importantly your precious health.

We often are quick to think other people's tummy troubles are a concern, but what about your own? We chalk it up as; “it's ok, this is my normal I'll be fine. This is just the way my digestion is right now…” However, we need to remind ourselves that we know our bodies and we should trust what our body is telling us.

How many times has your body tried to tell you (perhaps more like screaming), "Alright, I'm FULL!" Yet we go for another bite- leading to discomfort. What if we all stopped for a moment each day; perhaps mid-meal, after we eat and assessed, "How do I feel?" Although people sometimes don't want to hear others "complaining" about their daily upsets. Professionals do. That’s my job, and it isn’t “complaining”, it's being your own health advocate and taking time to care for your health!

As a dietitian, when I get an email or phone call from a client saying, "The bloating just won't quit" or, "I've tried everything and I'm still uncomfortable.”

This creates two separate feelings... I feel badly of course because someone is uncomfortable and not feeling like themselves; but I also feel a sigh of relief for this potential client because that email or voicemail means the person on the other end is finally recognizing and listening to their body!

I urge you not to ignore your gut instinct, both physically and personally. You are trying to tell yourself something... Please listen!

  1. Start writing down your symptoms so you know where you are starting and what your concerns are. Once you begin to feel better, it is easy to forget that pain and discomfort and can be difficult to measure how far you have come.
  2. Keep a food journal with symptoms, then call a Gastroenterologist and a Registered Dietitian. Speaking with an RDN will help you prepare for your gastro appointment; which is key to getting your concerns across. After your appointment, an RDN can help you tackle your concerns in an effective matter. Shoot us an email or call us.
  3. Don't start supplementing just yet. People think because I support and believe in supplementation I suggest them right away- this is untrue. It is not safe to supplement blindly without speaking with an RDN or Doctor. You want to support yourself, and receiving tailored suggestions created just for you! That's where the goods are at, that is where the success is!

Perhaps you have no major gut health concerns, but you have read about the importance of gut health, immune support, food sensitivities and the gut/brain connection; and you want to start somewhere to support overall gut health. In these cases, you're invited to drop us a line and discuss the use of a probiotic, perhaps integrating fermented foods into your diet, and using a carefully crafted protein powder!

Either way, let's get started and reset that tummy to support your most optimal health!