Wellness Travel Hacks for Your Summer Road Trip

Wellness travel hacks for your summer road trip

It's time to pack your bags and head out for your summer road trip... or perhaps a nice holiday weekend? No need to worry, we have you covered for whatever your summer plans might involve!

SCOPE THE MENUS. If you're a foodie, start your vacation before you leave. Take a moment to use your foodie tendencies to your advantage! Check out the most loved dining spots in the area where you're going, and review their menu in advance. When you start reviewing menus, it can be challenging to do it on the spot and we feel like there are no healthy choices. If you do it ahead of time, you can plan different options.

Soon, it becomes second nature. But until then, many of our clients call us and set up a consultation to review their favorite menus so they're always prepared!

HYDRATION. It's already hot. We talk about drinking fluids all year but if you're not careful while you're on vacation, dehydration can happen before you know it. Dehydration will ruin any trip quickly because you'll be out of commission! So stay ahead of the game and hydrate before, during, and after activity.

BRING SNACKS. Regardless of the type of vacation you're taking, unexpected bumps in the road can occur. Maybe you just ended up spending the entire day sight-seeing or ended up at the beach and there were no healthy food options. Bring snacks with you and solve the problem! Make sure to have a bar of some kind in your bag, nuts/seeds, a piece of fruit from the hotel, almond butter packs or protein powder. This will also keep your blood sugar stable and keep you from getting too hungry and overeating at dinner!

Don’t forget to PREP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM; taking a product to support a healthy immune response while you travel is important. You want to ensure that when you're around tons of strangers you have the best defense! Yeah, we all see those people coughing into their own hands... gross.

Don’t forget your probiotics either! Especially if you're headed to another country, your flora balance in your tummy can certainly be changed during travel. Your immune system and your gut are very much related, they are well, BFF... So keep your stomach in check with probiotics. This will help fight off germs and gross elevator sneezing people, while also keeping your digestion in balance during your travels. Win-win!

Oh and in the name of aging gracefully, PLEASE invest in a nice hat or a cabana... And talk to your dermatologist about the SPF that is right for you!