This One Thing Could Save Your Life or Shorten It… It’s Time to Understand It!

Excessive inflammation can contribute to extending or shortening your life - could you be contributing to it?

Inflammation - we all have it, but how much? When? Where? Are you creating it and for how long is it lasting? These factors make all the difference when we talk about this interesting response we have in our system.

The Good

Well, inflammation has probably saved your life at some point. Your body responds by fighting back with white blood cells and a cascade reaction when there is a foreign invader an illness or an injury. This type of inflammation is supportive of life and your natural immune response.

The Bad

Inflammation is great if it is protecting you, but when we are creating it through lifestyle choices it is not good. We all have low grade inflammation which isn’t great, but when it becomes excessive it becomes a serious problem. A life filled with high stress, polluted environments, long hours at work, poor sleep, and lack of exercise combined with a diet of unhealthy foods and inflammation-promoting cooking methods like frying can leave you at risk to develop all types of horrendous disease early on.

The Really Ugly

Long term chronic inflammation that is created by us and inflicted on our own bodies can cause early or aggravated disease development. Not to mention premature wrinkles and aggressive aging. Other potential risk factors include autoimmune conditions, Type 2 Diabetes, high insulin/insulin resistance, being overweight, joint concerns, cancer, heart disease, impaired memory, gastrointestinal issues, and the list goes on... it isn't pretty.

The Amazing

You can fight chronic inflammation and you should start now. Just because you can't see it, doesn’t mean you aren’t contributing to it.

  • Start with diet changes - cutting back on highly processed, fried, and/or sugar-laden foods is a good start. Increasing protein, veggies, oils, nuts and seeds is an even better start! If you need help, call me. I am here to help!
  • Exercise… Start slow but start moving!

You can also combat inflammation with powerful extracts and antioxidants. You might consider

CoQ10 to support cellular, brain & and heart health

Turmeric Root (Curcumin) to combat that chronic inflammatory response… This really gets down to business at a cellular level by combating the actual inflammatory proteins causing problems.

Please get some good sleep! If you’re not sleeping well, your nutrition is probably not doing so hot either… Start keeping a sleep journal, see if you may be supported by melatonin before bed. Call us and we can help you find out what might be a good fit.

Unwind… relax, meditate. If you need an amazing referral for therapist or a meditation specialist let me know! If you need other assistance unwinding, you might consider looking into supplements like L-Theanine (trademarked form of Suntheanine®). This may support feelings of relaxation, while still supporting focus at work, with a calming energy.

Don’t let inflammation get the best of you! No need to take a million things; rather the appropriate support to combat inflammation that is tailored to your lifestyle and concerns.

Healthfully yours,