Healthy Summer Drinks

Healthy Summer Drinks


I don’t like juice. Period. It's liquid sugar and has the same nutritional breakdown as soda. So you might find it surprising that I drink green juices at all but I do, and I kind of love them…

I don’t suggest fruit-based juices, so I make one juice exception: If it's a veggie-based juice (and really mainly veggies throughout)! You can purchase this type of juice from a local juice bar, or make it at home.

I don’t make green juices at home, so I will share with you my favorite places and brands to grab my greens!

Evolution Fresh

I don’t drink any of their other products except the Green Devotion for when I am in a SERIOUS rush and need a grab-and-go!

Green devotion is 50 calories for the entire 11 oz. bottle and there is no fruit - just greens. With only 9 carbs, I feel comfortable drinking this with some nuts or seeds on the side or a lean protein. You can also drink this in two servings.

Juice Kitchen, Coconut Creek Florida

I love their antioxidant shots and also their Mother Greens. Be careful, just because something is green doesn’t mean it is all vegetables! Check the ingredients if you are at a juice bar or review the label for the carbs and serving size! Many grab-and-go greens are 2 servings per bottle.


JMN Go-To Smoothie Recipe


  • 1 Scoop JMN Protein Powder (Vanilla)
  • 1 Cup of Raspberries
  • Ice for desired consistency


Add: Cinnamon and blend for a lighter refreshing option
Add: Unsweetened cocoa powder for a raspberry chocolate treat
If you want to pump up the antioxidants

Add 1 cup raw baby spinach and ¼ inch ginger root finely grated or chopped



Sometimes we just want to jazz up our water here are a few of my favorite combos!

1. Use ¼ cup frozen berry of choice as your ice cubes on a hot summer day

2. I love mixing 1 fruit with mint (let it sit overnight), so freshing!
    a. Sliced kiwi and mint
    b. Sliced oranges and mint

3. Mango can be a pain to slice up. I buy frozen mango and add ¼ cup to the bottom of the water pitcher and let it steep over night!

4. Rosemary with blackberries

5. Dark frozen cherries all alone are delicious or you can pair them with sliced oranges and mint 

Play around and find your favorite combo! Use whatever fruits and fresh herbs you have in the house… I love using frozen fruit in my water infusions; they fall apart a bit and are so delicious and convenient! Enjoy!