Protect Yourself from Back to School Germs


It’s that time of the year - the kids are starting a new year at school!

The germs start to spread and it isn’t just your kids; parents, teachers, family and friends are all victims of the annual back to school germs and seasonal changes. Parents and teachers can make the biggest impact this time of year with germ-protection, so let’s take a look at what you can do to support yourself during this high-risk time.


Easier said than done when you have a full plate. I work with clients with a range of one baby to more than six children! I don’t have kids but I can see the stress is real! If you have a baby under the age of 1, you might find some of these suggestions exceedingly difficult, but doing our best is all we can do, right?

Sleep is extremely important from a nutritional perspective, but it also help to renew your entire body overnight so you can take on a new day.

Without prioritizing sleep, you put yourself at a high risk for:

  • Intense cravings
  • Poor blood sugar control
  • Mood swings
  • A potentially less than optimal immune response

I know it is not anyone’s goal in September to gain weight, overeat, feel cranky and get sick…. So please get some sleep! Here are some tips of mine:

  • Set a bed time. Consistency in your sleep patterns is important for sleep regulation.
  • Complete darkness! Light disrupts your sleep and can cause a drop in melatonin levels, your sleep hormone. (Blackout shades, it’s your time to shine!)
  • Start an evening routine. Something that works for you; brush your teeth, wash your face, meditate and go to bed.
  • I know I’m guilty of this one myself… shut off the electronics. They are stimulating your brain… not sleep supporting!


I am a serious supporter of letting the little ones get a little dirty and build an immune response through natural exposure. However, when it comes to potential for spreading of more dangerous forms of bacteria and germs, let’s all give our hands a little extra scrub when everyone returns home from their respective work, school and daily routine.


The immune system is an intricate system and many of us think let’s just give it a big “boost”. We use this term loosely and sometimes it helps many people to understand the topic of immune health but what we really want to do is balance and support our immune response.

We’re not looking to create an over-reactive situation. Here’s what is important to note:

  • A healthy balanced diet. Having nutritional deficiencies can present a problem for immune health and the most common in the US is Vitamin D. Make sure to ask your Doctor for a 25-OH Vitamin D blood test. It is common to have insufficient or deficient Vitamin D levels; but other micronutrient deficiencies are not as common in developed countries. You might be at higher risk if you are dieting/restricting calories, have had gastric bypass surgery, or if you have a gastrointestinal diagnosis that might affect absorption. Speak with your GI Doc and Dietitian. Feel free to call; we are here to help!
  • Gut Health. Our immune system and our gut are largely related. If you think your gut might need some support, you could consider a multi-strain, potent probiotic to balance the healthy flora (bacteria) in the GI tract. Speak with your Dietitian and Gastroenterologist before making any major changes. Feel free to email me with questions!

We really love our Body Guard gummies and so do many of our readers! It’s an essential for us with start to school, seasonal changes and TRAVEL! (I simply don’t travel without taking it before and during my trip)!

  • Body Guard is travel friendly
  • It is easy to remember to take BODY GUARD when they are so delicious
  • Our Body Guard has been crafted with both CARE and SCIENCE to create a trusted product that not only meets our high standards but also our busy lives.
  • Vegan friendly AND Kosher
  • Made with all NON-GMO ingredients
  • Must have for travel (did I say that twice)?


Body Guard contains a few major players:

  • Echinacea
  • Propolis
  • Sambucus Nigra (which is the scientific name for Elderberry)

Echinacea is immune-regulating through the production of immune proteins. These proteins support our white blood cells - and therefore our immune response - while prohibiting inflammatory proteins. They also support natural killer cell activity. Echinacea may support respiratory health especially when faced with common invaders.*

Propolis is a resin-like mixture collected by honeybees from plants. Propolis’ supportive immune properties are largely associated with the plant compounds found in Propolis. These plant compounds are found to be naturally anti-microbial, high in antioxidants, and are fighters of inflammation.*

Elderberry (seen on Body Guard label by its scientific name Sambucus Nigra) is studied for anti-inflammatory effects on cytokine production. Elderberry is also studied in its effects on viral manifestation.*

If you’re in search of a daily approach to year-round comprehensive immune health, look no further!*

I personally take Body Guard during specific times of the year including seasonal changes, travel and back to school season. I start taking Body Guard at least one full week prior to travel and then during travel until I return home.*

Healthfully yours,

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.