The Ball Has Dropped. Now It's Time for the Weight, Too!

Healthier New Year resolutions that you can actually stick to! 

Healthier New Year resolutions that you can actually stick to! 

Many people talk down on New Year's resolutions; especially those involving health or weight loss, but I strongly disagree! 

Although the gyms get crowded, it is because people are putting their best foot forward. They have a renewed energy about them and the desire to change. Whatever month it is, those things are great! 

In addition, you might see some people who stop going to the gym as the crowd clears and you might have not achieved each and every new year’s resolution last year; but that doesn’t mean that this year you won’t! I see it time and again that people make new year’s resolutions and they DO KEEP THEM! They DO LOSE the weight they have been trying to lose. They DO optimize their blood labs and get on a tailored supplement program, improve their cholesterol, finally address their IBS concerns or start working on prevention! There's no reason that this year can’t be your year!  

Here are some of the healthiest New Year’s resolutions that you can actually stick to!

  1. Take the stairs or park farther away! Make a commitment that when possible you will be a bit more active. Don’t waste time searching for a parking space when there is a perfectly good one just a few steps away. If your office requires you to take 1 or a few flights of stairs, then commit to the stairs. Add that up over the year and you will have made a real-life change and MOVED a lot more! 
  2. Talk positively to yourself. I know it sounds really ridiculous but it isn’t and the research agrees. Stop beating yourself up in your head all of the time. Be kind to yourself, do affirmations 1x a day. You will find that when you become your biggest fan as opposed to your own worst enemy you will achieve a lot more… especially when it comes to health! 
  3. Make an appointment with your primary care doctor or address that health concern you have been avoiding. If you haven’t had a full check up in a few years its time!  
  4. Get your Vitamin D-25-OH level checked. And if you are insufficient or perhaps deficient, don’t be alarmed! Most individuals are one or the other. However, it is VERY important to address your levels if your levels are suboptimal. Make sure to speak with your doctor or dietitian about an appropriate supplement dose. Vitamin D impacts multiple areas of health ranging from sleep, weight control, brain health, bone health, your mood health and much more! 
  5. Eat breakfast, even if it is something small. It might take you a moment to develop an appetite in the morning and that’s ok! Still make an effort to eat breakfast once you have developed a bit of hunger. Get your metabolism moving! Even a slice of toast with a tablespoon of almond butter is fine! Start somewhere, just don’t skip it. 
  6. Stop taking 10-20 random supplements that have collected in your home and start taking products that fit you and your health. Speak with your doctor, call or email me if you would like (always here!), or if you know a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist call them! There is NO NEED to take tons of supplements, rather appropriate ones. It is more effective and outstanding for your health and to reach your health goals to receive a tailored & personalized supplement routine! 
  7. Don’t be a member of the clean your plate club. You aren’t saving anyone or feeding any children by eating everything on your plate. Even if you leave two bites of your dish at every meal when you usually clean your plate you will make a difference! Say two bites of any random thing can range from 10-75 calories or more, so lets say 40 calories a meal (that is conservative); by leaving over two bites. That is 120 calories a day and 12.5 lbs lost a year just from giving up your membership! Do those last few bites even do much? You might already be satisfied! Which leads me to #8. 
  8. Be more mindful when you eat. Try to be more mindful of when you are satisfied with the food you have eaten and put the fork down perhaps take a few sips of water instead. Be a part of the conversation and then assess whether you are still in fact hungry. Maybe you are satisfied? Bringing a level of mindfulness not only can support your weight loss journey but it also can increase how much you actually enjoy the food you eat! You are paying attention, chewing your food, listening to your bodies signals and acting accordingly. Simple steps BIG RESULTS!

I hope all of the JMN family and their family and friends have a beautiful and healthy New Year!!! I am here to support you on your journey whenever you are ready!