Let's Get Personal About 2019


What are your 2019 goals?

Every year I hear people say, “I can’t believe it’s the end of the year already”… And yet here we are! I can’t believe it either honestly, just because time is such interesting concept. We love it, cherish it, hold on to it… We may want more time, we may wish time away - like on Mondays - and then we pray for time back… There is nothing else in the world that can compare.

How will you spend your 365 days of 2019?

Let’s talk about those GOALS:

I love setting goals, breaking down the steps and figuring out a way to achieve them!

Similar to nutrition or any health-related goals, life goals such as going to school, finishing a trying semester, learning something new, starting a side hustle or even your own business… Life gets BUSY and all of those goals REQUIRE that we take a moment to figure out how to make our dreams our reality!

Some people don’t subscribe to New Year goals. I understand that because during the year, any day is as good as January 1st to get started. Yet, I can’t deny that I love the idea of a New Year, a fresh month, a fresh week, etc. It’s a wonderful time to take advantage of starting new.

I challenge you to think about something great you have achieved in your life. Pick one thing, hold on to it for a moment…

Whether it was attaining a degree, landing a job you wanted, or finally saving enough for a dream vacation.

Now sit down, think about your achievement and think about what you did to get there.

I will often ask my clients this same question whether they are a mom, an artist, a PhD grad, a globe trotter, a model, an athlete, a business owner… Whatever goal they tell me they have identified, I will ask them the same thing: How did you get there?

Of course, a doctor’s journey is different than the business owner, whose is different from the mother of 5, whose is also different from the founder of a non-profit, whose is different still from the professor… But they ALL overlap in their replies.

However different the journey…  Every single time I ask, “how or what did you do to get there?” I find the following common ground:

Well Jaime, it took me time, sometimes I felt the sacrifice but it was worth it. Many times I wanted to give up, but giving up wasn’t even an option. Looking back, it was one foot in front of the other; I finished that day and I moved to the next. I knew I wanted it and that was all there was to it, of course it was a commitment, and it was a lot of persistence

These themes overlap, and when it comes to your health goals, it is NO different. Sometimes we think we will never make it, but we do!

So why do we think a slice of pizza or a piece of cake has MORE power over us than the persistence it took to complete a degree? Why does having one too many cookies dictate your entire health journey? 

Think about that for a second.

It shouldn’t, it doesn’t have to, and this year, don’t allow it.

Write down those special goals you have; instead of receiving a syllabus, CREATE your own. What will I need to do to get there!?

If you are not sure, then write down who you need to speak with and learn from to get there.

2019 has the same hope and excitement as any year… It holds the beautiful unknown! Be stubborn as hell and persistent beyond measure and take those goals and make them your reality!

I am always here to support you in reaching your health goals. Please never hesitate to reach out!

Cheers to the most beautiful, joyous, healthy and prosperous year filled with a tremendous amount of laughter, love and light! Surround yourself with goodness!