Dear JMN Fam,

My thought process behind this launch is a very personal one and I wanted to share it with all of you. 

I know and understand the feeling of News Year’s resolutions. Many of us set beautiful goals each New Year - one usually around health or wellness - but I know what it feels like for the end of February to come around and to feel defeated when it comes to the lack of progress on that goal. I’ve been there… more than once and worse…  I know the all-too-familiar feeling of being alone with no one to support or offer helpful guidance. I prayed and wished for somewhere to turn, to help me reach my goals. 

I decided to launch these weight loss products AFTER January 1st, specifically for these reasons. Regardless of what point you’re at on your personal journey, I want you to have a renewed sense of excitement about your health and how much you deserve the chance to re-evaluate where you are and know that, in fact, you have the tools to get you to your goals! This is the reason I created JMN from the very beginning – so others would never have to feel as lost as I once did. I created a family with all of you… each on your own path and at your own pace; and I’ve worked to provide a trusted place you can always turn to and ask your valued nutrition questions, health inquiries, a place to find trusted products developed and scrutinized by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. A place to find products made with love, science and passion.

What matters is YOUR health, ALL YEAR ROUND! Not just one day, not just one meal or moment of indulgence that has you feeling “off track.” I am SO motivated for you. You have a chance to look at your journey, take a deep breath, accept where you are, imagine exactly where you want to be, and now go get it with our newest and latest in the JMN supplement line up. These new products have been specifically crafted for you!

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Slim Up

We are burning fat, increasing muscle and hitting the gym with our new Slim Up.*

Carb Crush

Time to attack those carbs, cravings and attain weight control with Carb Crush.*

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Drop Down

Our 3rd must-have (call me biased - until you try them): kosher, vegan, delicious weight loss gummy (feels more like a little treat), that can change the game if you often forget to take your much-needed supplements! I NEVER forget a little treat, and therefore I never forget my Drop Down weight control gummy. It’s delicious, supports your metabolism, controls appetite, and support feelings of fullness.*

I’m here, as always, for whatever you need on your journey. Don’t forget that with JMN as your go-to resource, #HealthIsOnItsWay... ALL YEAR. I can’t wait for you to try our latest and greatest supplements and don’t forget - be obnoxiously persistent, seriously stubborn and keep pushing through. That is the difference and that is what will create long-term success!

Look out for more updates as JMN continues to grow and thank you for being a part of the JMN family!

xo Jaime

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.