8 Tips for a Better and Healthier Picnic!


When was the last time you took a picnic?

I am inspired by the idea of this day to get outside and have a picnic, look at the beautiful sky, and enjoy good food and time with my boys! Whether it is at the park or in your backyard, the idea is so sweet, simple and fun for summer gatherings.

I think people often don’t go on a picnic because of the PREP. I get it! I mean MORE prep… Who needs that?

BUT, it’s actually a really beautiful way to combine your food prep for the week with an enjoyable and meaningful event over the weekend!

There is also the option of choosing foods that are easy, convenient or healthy grab and go options:

1. Start with veggies!

Whether it's sliced cucumbers, carrots, peppers, or a large kitchen sink salad - the base of a beautiful picnic can be easy grab-and-nosh vegetables. I personally love keeping it simple with small Israeli cucumbers and cherry tomatoes, because ZERO prep required. Literally, wash, pack and consume!

2. Bring the dip!

Hummus – done, or perhaps you might love a Greek yogurt dip. Just be careful to bring foods that can withstand the temperatures of where you live.

3. LOVE the idea of open faced sandwiches or building your own.

Which requires little to no prep but also has you buying what you need for the week ahead. Perhaps some healthy protein options: rotisserie chicken, seared tofu slices, or smoked salmon. You can bring some low carb, 100% whole wheat wraps, or if you prefer, a few slices of whole wheat or Ezekiel bread to keep it open faced.

4. Bring extra-large lettuce leaves

As a means to wrap your protein up if you are feeling like a second serving.

5. You can grab two types of cheese

Which you can eat separately with fruit or nuts, or add to your open-faced sandwich. Me? I would pick herbed goat cheese to pair with smoked salmon on a crunchy crisp bread (and I would add arugula). Picnic perfection!

6. Don’t forget fluids!

Fruit infused waters with berries or citrus and herbs are light and refreshing for any picnic. Check out our blog on Healthy Summer Drinks and read up on some of my favorite infused water options!

7. You can even throw some almonds in little baggies

And while you’re doing that, go ahead and prep what you need for the week!

8. Another really sweet way to prep for a picnic is to hit up your local farmers market.

They usually have some really delicious yummy veggies, interesting infused oils, dips and you might even come across some quirky and fun pickled veggie options.

If this feels overwhelming, don’t worry! We understand and we are here!

I have a lot of clients who call me or facetime me right from their local grocery store... All the time! Or, they send over pictures of labels because they don’t know which bread or nut butter to choose based on their goals. Having an RDN with you in your pocket is a super easy and convenient way to shop.

Other clients like to discuss over the phone what to prepare for the week, and what groceries they might choose before they get to the store. Whatever suits your lifestyle, I am here to tailor to that and help you reach your personal goals.

You can purchase minutes in advance and use them as you desire, whether email, text or phone and you are set! You can use your time to text about food choices, supplement questions, or meal planning help… Totally up to you! Learn more about it here.

Your biggest worry will be “Do I want feta or brie at this picnic”?

Hope it is starting to get warmer if you live up north and spring activities are starting in full swing!