I Can, and I Will.

Let’s talk about our mindset, body image, and how this IMPACTS our health and what we eat --which it undoubtedly does!

How you feel about yourself dictates your actions, perhaps in many areas of life but today we are talking about your mindset and body image and how it impacts reaching your health goals.

When I start working with a new client, I often find that many of them speak so poorly to themselves internally that it is borderline abusive, if not full-blown self-abuse.

I have to stop and ask them “Would you speak to a child that way”? Sometimes people can’t even answer that question because tears are streaming and other times the person finally can see clearly how cruel they treat themselves.

It is abuse and it needs to stop. It needs to stop, in order for YOU to flourish.

I am not a therapist and many times this concern is so ingrained and so negative that basic cognitive behavioral nutritional therapy does not do the trick. In these cases, I will refer a client to a therapist or social worker for additional support. However, often it is self-awareness that this is actually happening, and sometimes that self-awareness is enough to foster change.

How do you speak to yourself?

Step 1: Start changing your inner dialogue today.

It isn’t easy, but it can change your health and your life.

Today, take a moment to write down every time you say something mean, a little off, or cruel to yourself. Then tonight, write down a rebuttal. Write down what you will tell yourself the next time you think those horrible thoughts.

For example:

“Ugh I’m so disgusting and fat, what’s the point”

REBUTTAL- “I am beautiful and strong, I am working towards the best version of myself and I refuse to give up on me. This is a journey, and I am worth the fight”.

Even if you don’t believe it in the beginning perhaps give it a go for a month. Fake it till ya make it!!! You think you always woke up and told yourself you were gross when you 5 years old?

No, this was a learned behavior and somewhere along the line it became HABIT to verbally abuse yourself. The problem with this habit is it gets in the way of making healthy nutritious changes to how you eat. It gets in the way of you seeing your progress and your success. When that happens, it can be destructive to the entire journey. DON’T ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN.

Step 2: Start writing down the small stuff – give yourself some credit.

Put it on your note pad on your computer or a document on your computer or on paper at your desk. Whatever works.

The fact remains…. You are exactly where you are today, it may not be the best place, or what you envisioned but it is a beautiful starting point, perhaps it’s a mid-point and you worked for years to get here and you’re still beating yourself up, look at yourself and see how strong you are. I don’t care if the charts say you are overweight. That’s nice, those are charts. You are a beautiful, complex, layered human being made up of millions of experiences that lead you to today. To right now. 

I don’t care about that chart and what it “says” but I do care about your long-term health, the small changes that you think mean nothing, but are actually everything.

I care about you pushing forward and not giving in. I care about your blood work improvements, your lower A1C, your lower LDL… the fact that you are going to make a doctor’s appointment this year and face the MUSIC.

If you went from drinking 32oz of soda a day to 16 oz that is incredible success!!! O, BUT people at work still judge, right? Because you drink soda? LET THEM. You just changed your life!

Those 16 oz of soda that you cut out will change your health. Sure, it’s not zero; but if you cut cold turkey would have gone back to 32oz a day in a week? See? The small changes.

Those 16oz of soda that you cut out, that’s 185 calories, 48g of carbs, 48 grams of sugar A DAY, GONE.

In 1 year you just saved yourself ~67,525 calories, 17,520 grams of carbohydrate and 17,520 grams of sugar.

That is 1,168 slices of bread in carbs or 876 snickers bars in sugar. That is potentially 27 pounds lost!!

THAT IS BIG CHANGE BABY, NOT SMALL. Start writing it down. You deserve it!


  • I drank more water today than usual
  • I took the stairs 1 flight at work
  • I parked further at the mall
  • I didn’t have seconds of rice today at the lunch party
  • I chose only 1 dessert not 3.
  • I didn’t clean the plate and left 1 bite to practice self-control
  • I paid attention to my satiety and stopped eating when I was satisfied.

Step 3: Tell yourself at least 1 positive self-affirmation in the morning.

Google them if you want to start or make up your own.

In college I wrote it in lipstick on my bathroom mirror. Do what you need to do, so you don’t forget.

If your bathroom mirror says, “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” you will say it every single morning.

Make it a part of your day, put a post it next to your toothbrush. TRY IT.

Even if you let a few negative things slip through without overturning them on accident during the day you will have woken up and already told yourself something incredibly positive

“You can do this, you are strong, and this is your journey”!

Don’t give up on you.

Reach out for help if you need it. If you need help from a therapist, call one. If every time you go to the doctor they are rude and mean about your health, remember you have the right to choose your healthcare professionals, interview them. Decide if they are up to your standards. Not everyone is a good fit, but you deserve respect and competence at the very least. Don’t allow other people to verbally abuse you either.

If you feel it is more nutrition education that you need, reach out to us- call or email me. I can work with you from wherever you are at whatever stage of your journey.



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