Be Healthy and Grateful This Summer

Memorial Day is a day to pay tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country, so we can stand here today and live freely under the American flag. 

This day isn’t all about barbecues and cookouts. As a dietitian I feel the need to discuss your Memorial Day plans because as a country this day of remembrance has become a way we kick off our summer. 

In honor of Memorial Day, I ask for a shift in focus. Try to remember today and all summer that we have our freedom to enjoy our summer days at the commitment and the loss of others who have been so incredibly brave, who have given their greatest gift of life for our freedom. 

I think this is something important to remember throughout summer, that our parties and get togethers are not just about food. At the heart of it all, our gatherings are about enjoying our life and our friends, if we are lucky our family and our freedom. 

Remember not to get caught up in the food; it isn’t why we are together. 

Yes, it is delicious and yummy and it is a reminder of the time of the year that many of us look forward to- for the beautiful weather and outdoor activities. 

Try shifting your focus away from the dessert and towards being grateful. It’s easier said than done but it is something I think we can all do as a thank you to those who have fought bravely and lost their lives, so we could have our freedom. 

Bring a healthy dish because you have the ability to choose to be healthy, because you have a gift and can live this life. Try to remember when you’re sitting at a table in your friends’ backyard or a big party of the summer that the goal is to enjoy the moment and not fret about what dishes are going to be staring you down. 

If we shift our focus to health and gratitude perhaps we will shift our behaviors too. 

We hope you had the happiest Memorial Day and we thank all those who have bravely fought for all of us so selflessly to ensure our freedom. 

Whether it is raining or shining, you have your freedom and I pray your health. 

Healthfully and gratefully,