5 Foods Ruling the Beauty Game 

When it comes to your beauty routine food might be the last thing that comes to mind, but you should consider moving it to the top of the list!

What we eat directly effects our external beauty and undoubtedly changes how we age. One of the best examples is blood sugar control. If you have poor blood sugar control it will show on your face!  

In the form of advanced aging, wrinkles, loss of elastin and collagen from excessive glycation reactions in the body. Glycation is a process where sugar and protein react and form advanced glycation end products (acronym AGE’s). These AGE’s are dangerous and although all of us have glycation going on in our body- having TOO much or a high rate of glycation is going to get in the way of your beauty goals. I know… heavy stuff.

This is just 1 example of how your nutrition can affect your beauty game.

Here are 5 foods to help you take control of your beauty routine from the inside out.

1. Kefir

This fermented dairy drink is your gateway to attaining some probiotics in your diet and it couldn’t be MORE important for your beauty routine. Kefir is cultured and rich in probiotics to support your gut health and a healthy balanced gut translates to your skin health in a major way. Try to pick the product with the lowest carbs and no added sugar. If you don’t love the tangy kefir taste you can also opt for fermented veggies such as sauerkraut or try out kimchi. An unhealthy gut can translate into inflammation of your skin, dryness or acne. If you are not attaining probiotics from food regularly or you have just finished a course of antibiotics and really need to refeed the gut some healthy bacterial balance consider taking a high potency high variety strain Probiotic.

2. Turmeric Powder

Sprinkle it on everything… Well, maybe not everything but your savory dishes will benefit and so will your beautiful face! Turmeric is a spice that is studied in various areas of human health and prevention. It is studied for its powerhouse antioxidant activity. Much of its health power is credited to compounds known as curcuminoids found in turmeric. Turmeric is studied from mood health to brain health, but it is also studied in SKIN HEALTH and Inflammation and this is where it becomes a serious beauty game changer! It supports your skin through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, wound healing, calms irritation, support that GLOW, and decrease breakouts (remember fight inflammation)!

3. Green Tea

If you’re not already sipping on green tea, you should consider adding it to your diet and well, beauty routine! Green tea is packed with antioxidants in particular special compounds called catechins, the star catechin being[Symbol] EGCG. EGCG is supportive of healthy blood flow and that includes to your skin; bringing nutrition right to the skin to feed that glow. EGCG also FIGHTS off skin damaging free radicals that lead to wrinkles and collagen loss. Tea time, anyone? Count me in!

4. Kale

Kale isn’t just a fad food it is packed with beauty boosting nutrition! Kale is rich in Vitamins A, C & K. Vitamin C supports collagen production and strength, while Vitamin A supports cell growth which is essential for healthy skin. Kales nutrition rich profile provides antioxidant to fight off free radicals and helps you put your most fresh face forward!

5. Organic Eggs

The whole egg! Although you may see me opting for egg whites often, it is NOT because the yolk is unhealthy (this myth is from the 1990’s fat free cholesterol craze). I simply opt for egg whites well because I’m SHORT, and calories count for us shorty’s… so, egg whites it is. I prefer to save a few calories on the yolk and add something else I enjoy to my meal. I do try to eat the whole egg though for all the nutrition when I am able! Now why EGGS to up your beauty game? They are rich in protein and an easily digested protein source for many people. Lack of protein in your diet; can be a result of fad eating habits, weight loss efforts, GI issues, and/or vegan or vegetarian lifestyle- lack of protein can cause hair to thin, fall out or break easily. In addition to upping your protein intake, eggs are rich in biotin. Studies suggest that those who benefit from biotin supplementation are usually those who are deficient. Deficiency is rare, but it doesn’t stop me from trying it out! There are handful of studies but much of biotins popularity comes from self-purported positive claims about biotin supporting hair, skin and nails and is what drives its popularity (meaning people saying it works). If it works for you, it works (I am one of those people). Eggs are also rich in zinc and selenium; great for your hair and your skin! You can also find biotin in salmon which is a SERIOUS beauty food (opt for WILD salmon not farm raised)! Rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids (anti-inflammatory) and biotin; maybe consider some salmon in that omelet!?

Here’s to a delicious and nutrition filled diet with a serious beauty boost!