5 Tips for Your Healthiest 4th


I really love the 4th of July, it has a truly special feeling about it.  

I think it reminds me of childhood July 4th parties which were always held at the MASS household. The backyard was filled with laughter, kids, adults, barbeque, family, friends, tables of foods, games and all-around love. Not to mention the slip and slide….90’s amazingness. 

We enjoyed life until the fireflies came out and it was the BEST.

Tip #1 

It is a marathon not a race. Days like the Fourth of July, we need to remember that we are typically not attending a 2-hour rendezvous with friends! Rather spending the day either all in one place or multiple parties. So, remember to start slowly with food and alcohol if you make this a race you will never make it to the fireworks. Pace yourself and be mindful. Stop yourself or set an alarm to remind yourself to even ask if you are still hungry or are you eating just to eat? Pay attention to your body and pace yourself.

Tip #2 

An oldie but a goodie and one you will find in many of my blogs. I will say it today and I will likely say it again because it is a cornerstone to healthy summers, and healthy partying.  


NO excuses my friends, this is your health. You can’t expect someone else to take care of it for you. Bring the salad, bring the crudité (make it look like an American flag), put that summer fresh fruit on skewers, bring the lean protein options and healthy dips! 

Not only are you helping out the hostess, but you’re making sure you are well taken care of the entire day and others in attendance will certainly be grateful! 

Tip #3

Today, maybe consider a light option or a spritzahhhhh? Consider it! Or you might consider between alcoholic beverages having a tall glass of water. Make an effort to break up the beverages. You can still enjoy what you want but you are staying hydrated throughout the day and you are also pacing yourself with sparkling water in between drinks or that large glass of water. Make sure you stay hydrated and don’t mistake thirst for hunger.

Tip #4 

Give back to your liver before and after this holiday weekend. Supporting your body with nutrients daily like NAC and L-Methionine will provide your body with the precursors it needs to make the power house liver protecting antioxidant GLUTATHIONE! Combining these precursor amino acids with liver loving Milk Thistle is the perfect pair to give back to your bod when you are enjoying that #balancedlife, a JMN FAVE. Check out our favorite combination here and the science behind each ingredient.

Tip #5

Take a walk around the block, clear the mind, chat with a dear friend, and get your digestive system moving all that food! What a sweet and beautiful way to enjoy the day and break it up a bit. Whether you are at a beach party, a house party, family block party, on a boat or in a hotel… go for that stroll!

I hope everyone has the most beautiful 4th of July, happy, healthy, safe and full of laughter!