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Create a thriving business on your terms

Scared that the enormous investment of time and money in formal RD education was about to go to waste.

Worried about disappointing others. Sick of feeling underpaid and undervalued, with an opinion that is not taken seriously. Passionate about making a difference yet feeling like it’s impossible in a clinical setting.

Unable to get rid of this nagging feeling like there’s more waiting, yet paralyzed with self-doubt. Unsure how to get started; it’s not like they had a rotation that explained how to start a private dietetic practice or online nutrition business, nevermind teaching the business and marketing skills needed to create one. Getting lost in the online comparison game with all the other “coaches” and wellness experts out there doing the exact same thing.


Become the CEO of your life

Up at night, envisioning a stronger, fiercer, more confident woman who is the CEO of her life and business. Hopeful that financial freedom really is possible, and dying to take the leap, if someone would just lead the way.

Certain that as scary as going for it seems, knowing that NOT going for it would be the regret of a lifetime.

Sound familiar?


I understand exactly how courageous you are…

This was me and this is actually my story. And this is why I understand exactly how courageous you are, as you prepare to take a leap of faith to embark on a journey into entrepreneurship.  

After graduation and passing my licensing exams, a fire was lit within. But after surviving four years in the field of dietetics, both in clinical and in corporate, I was an unfulfilled, undervalued, and underpaid registered dietitian. The light and the fire inside of me was starting to fade, and I knew I had to make a change. 

It occurred to me that I could leverage my specialized education to create a business based on my lifestyle goals and actually help people prevent the problems I was triaging. When I realized that I wasn’t throwing away my two Bachelors degrees, my Masters, and  my RDN and LDN, but that I was supplementing them with a new type of knowledge, everything changed. 

And I mean everything.

Relentless and stubborn AF, I created an online business and hustled my way to a life of freedom, doubling my income along the way. And now, my mission is to help you do the same. 

Ready to get started creating a business that allows you to thrive?

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You are capable, worthy, and brave

Loud, proud, tenacious, soulful, and passionate. Driven AF to elevate the fabulous field of dietetics that we belong to. A New Yorker, obsessed with my Dachshund Paisley, new passport stamps, frosting, arugula, and caviar. #sorrynotsorry.

I empower my sister Dietitians to nourish their confidence, passion, and soul by teaching them to create online businesses that will elevate their practice, their worth, and their ability to impact the world.

I’m here to tell you, love, that you are capable, you are worthy, and you are brave. I’m also here to tell you that this dream of yours is closer to becoming a reality than you think.

You already have specialized knowledge that the world needs. You already have the grit and determination necessary to succeed in business. You would not be here if you didn’t.

Don’t you remember the blood, sweat, and tears it took you to get that RD next to your name? Creating a life and business you love will feel like a piece of cake after that!

Why? It’s not because creating a business is easy. I’m sorry love, but you deserve to hear the truth. Creating a business on your own is hard.

But you are not doing this on your own.


You have a community of women, just like you

to accompany you on this journey. You have a guide that has taken this journey before you, who can show you how to find the path of least resistance to achieve results. You have a seasoned entrepreneur as your mentor, who wants nothing more than to see YOU succeed.

You have a successful colleague, who will help you figure out how to transform your business ideas into reality.  You  have a sister, and a friend, who gets you and knows where you want to be, who can show you that not only is what you want possible but that it is achievable, honorable, and lucrative. 

I am on a mission to elevate the field of dietetics, so together we can use it to change the world. That transformation starts with you! 

Are you ready? 

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