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Remember – the road to your healthiest life may not be a straight path, but it is yours nonetheless... Own it every day and you will define your success.

About Jaime

Jaime is a Registered Dietitian and has been practicing in South Florida since 2010.

Having struggled with nutrition herself Jaime knows firsthand what it’s like to fight against your own body, to feel like you’re out of options, and to be unsure who or where to turn to for help. It was her dream to create a place where people could always feel like their questions and concerns would not only be answered, but would be a priority.

Jaime is a proud, native New Yorker with a loud laugh and a passion for all things wellness. She believes in balance and merging traditional nutrition with integrative and functional approaches to optimize health – so don’t be surprised if you happen to bump into her at the bakery counter!

Jaime earned her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Medical science at Northeastern University. She then pursued a second Bachelor’s of Science in Food-Nutrition and a subsequent Masters of Science (M.S.) in Nutrition and Dietetics from C.W. Post Long Island University.

Her M.S. holds concentrations in Weight Control, Sports and Clinical Nutrition. Jaime is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) through The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR), an associate of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist with the State of Florida, and New York, and an affiliate of the Florida Dietetic Association.

Her areas of expertise are in Weight Control, Sports nutrition, Geriatrics, GI, PCOS, Diabetes and Integrative and Functional Nutrition.



Virtual Nutrition

Regardless of how busy your schedule may be, you can still receive the best counseling and care through individual phone consultations. Digital appointments provide the same high-quality care, information, and personalization as an in-office meeting just with the convenience of dialing in from anywhere and everywhere.
Jaime Mass Nutritionals - On Demand Nutrition

On Demand Dietitian

Think of it as having a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in your back pocket 24/7. This service is intended to eliminate painful and time consuming online searches in order to answer all of your health, diet, and wellness questions. It also gives you the ability to turn to an actual expert for real nutritional information.

Minutes are purchased in advance and depending on your preferred form of communication, can be used by texting, phone, or email.
Jaime Mass Nutritionals - Supplementation Evaluation

Supplementation Evaluation

If popping pills (good ones, of course) are your thing and you’re currently taking supplements or are interested in starting a personalized supplementation program, Jaime will curate an appropriate program based on your health and your goals.
Jaime Mass Nutritionals - Bloodwork Breakdown

Bloodwork Breakdown

Because it’s extremely frustrating to look at your own health test results and have no idea what they TRULY mean. Bloodwork evaluations will help you learn about each value, how it relates to your own body and receive tailored nutrition and/or supplement recommendations based on your personal blood work results.

After reviewing your results, Jaime will create a tailored road map for your health, help you have a more productive conversation with your physician, and really identify the differences between living a normal life and an optimal one.
Jaime Mass Nutritionals - Menu Evaluation

Menu Evaluation

Many people think that if you want to reach your health goals you have to prep your own food and eat at home – but that’s definitely not the case. Although it may be challenging, the problem typically isn’t the restaurant but the difficulty in navigating the menu to make the healthiest decision. It’s almost like there’s a science to it – like reading a food label.

Jaime will walk you through your favorite menus and guide you on how to make the best choices, what ingredients and preparations to avoid, how to dodge tricky terminology and how to order healthfully when you’re HANGRY!

If you travel often, are taking a vacation, or just have a hectic life – this is for you!.
Jaime Mass Nutritionals - Nuptial Nutrition

Nuptial Nutrition

There’s nothing more important for a bride or groom than looking and feeling their absolute best on their wedding day. Taking into account the insanely stressful environment and the emotional rollercoaster that fiancés experience leading up to their walk down the aisle, Jaime is committed to helping brides and grooms develop a healthier lifestyle before they say their “I do’s”.

Jaime works with soon-to-be newlyweds – both simultaneously, or individually – on a comprehensive, personalized nutritional analysis, meal planning, and coaching in order to enter this new chapter of their lives with the tools and skillset to make lifelong changes. Every step of this luxury service is tailored to each individual and no attention to detail is missed.

We also have a team up of nationally-based health, wellness, and fitness allies who can further help our clients reach their wedding goals.
Jaime Mass Nutritionals - College Preparation

College Prep

Starting college is an exciting time, one that is meant to create your future, and what you learn both in and out of the classroom has the potential to be a part of who you are for a lifetime. Countless changes that occur all-at-once for a new college student and the well-known saying “freshman 15” gives us a little insight on the severity of how these changes affect one’s body.

Schedules and expectations begin to change, the environment is new and exciting, you're meeting new people, your stress levels start to increase, you're attending events, learning and studying, so it's not surprising that a college student’s health can take a backseat.

Jaime and her team will walk the high school graduate through the next phase of adulthood, and instead of ignoring impending health issues and expanding waist lines that come along with this life changes – she will map out a plan for healthy habits, structure, and what one’s specific body needs in order to maintain their weight and assist with managing proper energy levels.

From creating weekly checklists to grocery shopping for a dorm room to navigating the dining hall and learning how to self-serve without overdoing it, to take-out menu education – Team JMN will ease this transitionary period in your life.

Jaime's Philosophy

Jaime’s approach is scientific yet comprehensible, intricate yet accessible – and most importantly personalized and effective. Her focus on health and wellness together as an all-encompassing program leads to quicker client success and sets the foundation for a long-term lifestyle.