Boost of Joy

Boost of Joy

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We are so excited to offer for the first time our MOST coveted weight loss and metabolic products into one comprehensive bundle!!

This pack of three gems provides everything you need to supplement your healthy lifestyle and reach your weight control goals. Each product tackles a different area of weight control science to support your weight loss journey and give your 2019 the start you deserve! 

Whether you’re starting off your journey as you ring in the new year, or you are looking for that extra edge to push you through to your goals, our weight loss bundle is the perfect fit! Plus the sweet savings and free shipping!

Your Bundle Includes:

Drop Down: Our metabolic weight loss gummy created with targeted ingredients to inhibit fat production, boost your metabolism, and aid in the body’s natural ability to control appetite and support feelings of fullness.*

Carb Crush: Supports weight loss and appetite control by getting in the way of the breakdown and absorption of our beloved carbohydrates.* This means better blood sugar control which is essential for weight loss.  The ingredients in Carb Crush block up to 66% of carb breakdown by blocking the enzyme that breaks down starch. You are not only blocking carbs but the calories from those carbs too!

Slim Up: Scientifically proven to support the increase of lean muscle mass, while decreasing body fat.* Containing the most studied trademarked form of CLA, (only the best, as always)! CLA breaks down existing fat stores which results in major calorie burning from fat breakdown, a metabolism boost and less body fat.*

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