Stomach Solutions

Stomach Solutions


The Stomach Solutions meal plan was developed to address general stomach discomfort. Stomach Solutions is a seven day basic guided meal plan that removes specific foods that may be causing you gastrointestinal stress. If you suffer from bloating, general stomach discomfort, gas, and either diarrhea or constipation, then this meal plan may be what you have been searching for!

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* The meals and snacks in this plan are based off of the FODMAP’s idea of eating; this means certain foods that might be at the root of one’s stomach concerns have intentionally been removed.

When followed correctly, Jaime Mass Nutritionals has found an enormous amount of success with low FODMAP’s eating. This plan is considered FODMAP’s-friendly (Low in FODMAP's, not FODMAP's free).

There are many details involved in FODMAP’s food elimination. This menu is meant to be a helpful and basic guide to this nutritional approach!

Please note: our Stomach Solutions Meal Plan is NOT tailored to a Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle if you need support creating a more tailored meal plan please feel free to reach out at

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