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Dietitian Business Mastermind

This program has been carefully crafted by a dietitian with a big heart for dietitians who want to make a massive impact on the world.

Dietitian business mastermind

Join Jaime and other amazing dietitians who are ready to create their dream business

The Dietitian Business Mastermind is a comprehensive 13-week program that will give you all of the ingredients to create, build, and run a successful business that aligns with your vision, your passion, and your lifestyle.

The RISE Method taught in the Mastermind empowers Dietitians to nourish their confidence, passion, and soul by teaching them to create online businesses that will elevate their practice, their worth, and their ability to impact the world.


It takes a village to create a business.
You have found your village, love. 

Your business will help your clients succeed, reach their nutrition and wellness goals, and will be a force for goodness in this world. Your business will also give you the life of freedom, value, and purpose that you’ve been searching for.

Enrollment for the Dietitian Business Mastermind is limited and only opens three times a year to ensure the support is robust, individualized, and beautifully guided, so you feel supported through the entire program. With your enrollment, you will also receive access to an exclusive online community of other women going through the journey alongside you.

Ready to help more clients reach their goals with a thriving business that supports your dream lifestyle?

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Dietitian developed and delivered supplements for your client and you.

As you build your practice and serve your clients, I invite you to check out my supplement line below. This is a line created by a dietitian, for dietitians, so together, we can deliver wellness and impact the world.

Check out my exclusive Dietitian Developed and Delivered™ line below and hit me up if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate!