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Hey Love, I’m Jaime

I empower my sister dietitians to nourish their confidence, passion, and soul by teaching them to create online businesses that will elevate their practice, their worth, and their ability to impact the world.

Ready to begin your transformation and start serving more clients with less overwhelm?

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You are worthy of the biggest slice of success cake
with all the frosting that your heart desires.

Your unique and specialized knowledge has the power to influence change. The people you are meant to serve are waiting for you to push past your fear, step into your brilliance, and design the life and business of your dreams. The key to your business is YOU. Your time is NOW. Rediscover your confidence so you can get started building a profitable and purposeful nutrition business.

Stop waiting and get started today!

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Loud, proud, tenacious, and passionate

Driven AF to elevate the fabulous field of dietetics that we belong to.

A New Yorker, obsessed with my Dachshund Paisley, new passport stamps, frosting, arugula, and caviar. #sorrynotsorry.

Raw, real, and ready to help you see just how worthy and capable you are of the personal and financial freedom you worry is about to slip through your grasp. Stop postponing your dream until tomorrow. Your time is now.

Now grab a spoon and your fave jar of buttercream, get comfy, and let me tell you


Grateful for client love.


Having Jaime as my mentor has been like discovering a piece of the puzzle that I didn’t know was missing.

I feel like a new person, with more confidence, more clarity, and a clear path ahead. Since working with Jaime, my business has grown tremendously, as have I. My relationships with my patients and clients have never been more positive. I have been able to structure my programs better, raise my pricing after Jaime helped me see that I was undervaluing myself, and sell a more profitable, higher impact, and longer commitment nutrition program to my largest corporate client.

- Jenna Appel MS, RD, LDN, CPT, Appel Nutrition Inc.


Give me all the frosting


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Press love is humbling